Røvær in the picture

The ideal community? Would a 108 people scattered over wooden houses on a rock be just right or would it frighten you? Should there be a sea aroud it? With a narrow funnel first, a kind of minifjord, covered in tires to prevent the ferry from being damaged and giving you the impression you are entering a mysterious country?

Røvær – A handful of sheep, a single cow, some crab in a container? A band of over-50s who play Christmas songs in November? Leaving you completely waisted over ginger beer singing Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. And there would be rumours of a major tragedy that took place.

One stormy night in October, after a funeral. A memorial in the village would make you remember. And it would fraternize generations to come and still be an actual conversation topic.

Røvær in the picture

And would there be groves full of Christmas trees, which the natives would call weeds. And a bunker where you still suspect the German soldiers’ last cigarette butts on the floor. Speaking of Germans, they would also live here, just like Chileans and Icelanders. The women looking a bit like Björk.

And the Germans would do something responsible like the cultivation of seaweed. And something a little less responsible like arguing with the king of Norway.

And you would be invited spontaneously to a small fisherman’s house from 1880’s.

 The great herring fisheries

With a store down below dating back to time of the great herring fisheries. When you could still reach the other side of the fjord by jumping moored boats.

And the only motorized transport would consists of the tractor of Sigurd and the electric car of Tordis. And that you go and visit Sifride who never intended to live here because there was simply nothing here, no toilet no shower. But then the people were so warm and so nice so she thought: “I”ll stay”. And she would give you napkins and a candle as a present after your visit.

Would you consider a community like that? Cause it exists. It’s called Røvær! And we put Røvær in the picture.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

Røvær praktisch:

  • KLM vliegt dagelijks op Stavanger
  • Van Stavanger gaat 10 x per dag een ferry naar Røvær

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