Ireland in the picture

It is a very special island 12 kilometers off the north coast of Ireland. Tory Island. Some 140 inhabitants on a narrow strip of five kilometers. A strip that is constantly harassed by the Atlantic Ocean. The inhabitants are mainly musician, painter and often both.

Tory Island –  They have a pub, a church, a school with a handful of teenagers, but strangely enough no trees. But they do have a king. We ladies were allowed a meeting with the Rí Thoraí, or king Patsy Dan Mac Ruaidhri, king of Tory. Ireland’s only king.

Ireland in the picture

But Tory Island is not the only island that stole our heart. The north coast of Ireland did so too. County Donegal to be exact is a rough and wonderful landscape with cliffs and buffs. We therefore enjoy sharing with you Ireland in the picture.

The story that goes with these images is published in our book On fairies and bullet holes.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

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