Exposition ‘On fairies and bullet holes’

Since the publication of our book ‘On fairies and bullet holes’, a selection of 12 photographs from the book are travelling the country. The images, size A1, are printed on alu-dibond, and from part of the stories on six desolate destinations. Are you interested to have the exposition in your restaurant, library, hotel, or…., let us know.

World – The Exposition ‘On fairies and bullet holes’ comes with excerpts from the book. The text below corresponds with the images in the slider above.

Exposition ‘On fairies and bullet holes’

1. White or green

Iceland – The whole history of Iceland is about deception. Look at the name. Then look around you.  Iceland is noy at all ice, it is green. Greens as grass. From ‘Een Viking on the run’.

2. Toiling along the Scottish coast

We toil along the coast. Beyond the naked carcasses of boats at low tide. There is something obscene about all those boats with their sword stuck in the sand. From ‘The Highlands in fifty shades of grey’.

3. The ice fisherman

Norway – Now climate change is making polar ice unreliable, we have to rely again on the instinct of animals. “Dogs can sense whether ice is reliable, Human human beings can’t, not van their snow scooters.” From ‘Harley’s in a fur coat’.

Hallingdal Noorwegen

4. Refugee camp Akre

Kurdistan Iraq – “Would you like to see my granddaughter? We named her Peleen. Peleen means butterfly. We hope Butterfly will one day find freedom.” From ‘Only the mountains like the Kurds’.

5. Independence

Scotland – We throw stones in turns into the ocean. “Scotland is going to hell”, he yells. “No money in fishing, there is no jobs. “What independence? For whom? There lives no one out here.” From ‘The Highlands in fifty shades of grey’.


6. Blue Lagoon

Iceland – People live in tufts scattered throughout the island. On mossy lava among glaciers, volcanos and floating ice formations. Hamlets are cities. Nestled on a bottom of abrasive plates, the landscape may look completely different tomorrow. From ‘Een Viking on the run’.

7. Nicest dress

Iraqi Kurdistan – Everywhere between the granite rocks families are picnicking on Persian carpets. It looks like a surreal fairy tale. As if they are about to set off on their carpets. From ‘Only the mountains like the Kurds’.

iraaks Koerdistan in expositie over elfjes en kogelgaten

8. Rapala & Spinner

Norway – And then we weigh anchor and the pack makes a dash for it. Suddenly it’s quiet. Dead quiet. As if nature has become a vacuum, the huskies run silently through the snow. From ‘Harley’s in a fur coat’.

9. Pride

Bosnia – Since the Civil War, the villages they no longer count on the city beneath them. Food comes from the land and the few who dare to long for the city are considered either proud or stupid. From ‘The iron palace on the Stavnja river’.

10. Immune

Bosnia – Once you leave town, you enter another world. From the industrial revolution you slide back into the Middle Ages. Women, seemingly immune to the bitter cold, walk slowly across the only road. Only the lambs gambol. From ‘The iron palace on the Stavnja river’.


11. The Kite Runner

Iraqi Kurdistan – Grey granite separates Iraqi Kurdistan from Iran. Mountains, however, are for the Kurds no obstacle. On the contrairy, they have often been a refuge. A well-known Kurdish proverb even says that only the mountains like the Kurds. From ‘Only the mountains like the Kurds’.

 12. The Lighthouse

Ireland – Oilean Toraigh, as the inhabitants call their irish strip of vijf by one kilometers, must have something attractive if the people are willing to confront the fury of the Atlantic every winter again. From ‘The last king of Ireland’.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

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