Rotterdam South Bank, 10 hotspots

A museum between high rise, eating Ottoman food while seeing the sun set over Rotterdam or getting your beard trimmed New York style? Or would you rather take a water taxi and shop at an indoor market? It is all possible on the south bank of Rotterdam. We selected some hotspots.

For a long time the Rotterdam’s south bank was synonymous for poverty. It was the place where you left for America to have a better life. So naming on 10 hotspots on the Rotterdam South Bank was nearly impossible.

But over the last couple of years this is where it is happening. New stunning architecture, theaters and restaurants are opening up. It is a lively area, home to people from all corners of the world. It offers world menus and music from just about everywhere on the planet. In 2015 it was chosen European city.

Rotterdam South Bank, 10 hotspots

So we selected in Rotterdam South Bank 10 hotspots. But there are so many more. Especially because we have not included the Kop van Zuid, another hip area on the south bank in this list. We focused the area around Katendrecht and Afrikaanderwijk.

1. Dutch Foto museum

A special museum om a special spot, the Wilhelminakade, the former quay to America situated near Hotel New York. The museum has very special exhibitions about travel or the colour white. A visit is an experience. By the way on the other site of the so called Las Palmas building Dutch top cook Herman de Bleeker is preparing exquisite dinners.

2. Restaurant Obba

One of our favorites places on the Rotterdam south bank is Obba. This lounge restaurant is situated in a former sea container now transformed into an Ottoman tent. Our favorite for various reasons:  their Turkish food is delicious and the view over the Rhine harbor is fantastic. Around sunset it is amazing because of the high rise slowly turning black against an orange sky.

3. Botanical garden Afrikaanderwijk

A beautiful spot not too many people know about is the Botancal garden  in the middle of the district. A lovely peaceful place. There are gardeners who know a lot about the medical use of plants. Gerard is the guy you need for all kinds of information. He loves to talk about plants and trees and knows all their Latin names by heart and what use they have.

4. Kocatepe-mosque

And if you happen to be in the botanical garden, you might as well visit the mosque next door established in a former high school. Ask downstairs for their times of prayer, to make sure you visit at a convenient time. The people of the mosque feel usually very honored if you pay them a visit. The prayer area is beautiful.

5. The Fenix Food Factory Market

On the Cape, as the former Red Light district is called, you will find the indoor Fenix Food factory market. They love food here but also the craft of food. This old warehouse is a culinary mecca where you can taste, shop and eat and you are constantly inspired by people just like you who love the art of food.

But it also offers a book store, flowers and a brewery. And in the summer you can sit outside on the beach overlooking the river.

6. Hotel New York

It is not a new spot but the former building of emigration to the Unites States is a wonderful place to have a meal or stay the night. When Rotterdam South bank was still an unknown area they pioneered already here.

The views from the many windows are breathtaking so is the view in the summer from the terraces. All rooms are decorated differently and are very special. Oh and let us warn you the gift shop in the hotel is very dangerous, economically speaking.

7. New York Barbershop

Sorry ladies, this is a tip for the males, but do not worry, once he’s taken care of, you can shop untill you drop in the giftshop of Hotel New York. While he is at the place to be. Right in Hotel new York. You can have a cut and a shave. Or have the latest stylish trim for beard or moustache.

8. Deliplein Katendrecht

From hotel New York you can cross the new bridge to Katendrecht, the former red light district. On the square called Deliplein, (from delicatesse)  you can eat in one of the many restaurants. Thai, French or fish. But you can also head for one of the theaters in the area.

9. Good on the South bank

Back to the Afrikaander district. To the Paul Kruger street 89B. Hier you find Lekker op Zuid (Good on the South Bank). A Balkan delicatessen shop. You can eat there or take out the great carrot cake, börek, sandwich Zekki or a mozzarella salad.

10. Water taxi

At various places in Rotterdam, you can take a water taxi across the Maas. From the Wilhelmina Pier on the Rotterdam South Bank you can catch the taxi to Veerhaven  and also to the Maritime Museum on the Leuvenhaven on the other bank.

The trip alone is worth making the crossing. However, in total, the taxi company offers the opportunity to travel to 50 spots connected to each other by water.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Image: Nicole Franken

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