Sleeping on top of Valencia

Not a lot of people will be looking up while roaming the streets of Valencia. And that is too bad, we discovered. Because you miss out on precious towers in various colors on the roofs. But what are they?

Valencia We went on a little investigation. In the middle of the street we stopped and pointed at one of those tiny buildings on the roof.  With a shiny blue ceramic roof or a green glittering tower. “What are those?”, we asked a passers-by.

Most Spaniards shrugged their shoulders. “A shed”, they than mumbled. Most Valencians use the towers as a storage place.


Petra van Mullekom, who moved to the top floor, the ático, of one of these buildings, decided that her tower deserved a better fate.

Together with her Sicilian husband, an architect, she refurbished her tower and transformed it into a small Moorish palace that now is being let as a hotel room: the Tower Suite. To be quite honest, we thought it was more a place to stay awake and enjoy the stars.


Because you are on the 11th floor you hear nothing of the city below. Sleeping on top of  Valencia seems a waste.

The tower is situated on a big roof terrace that gives you 360 degrees look over Valencia. The sea, the medieval city center it is all right there at you feet. A cool sea breeze makes the curtains bulge and everywhere you see the city lights.

Breakfast while boats are leaving the harbor? A candle light dinner on the terrace between Sicilian Prickly pears and  palm trees and aloe vera?  Benvingut, welcome, a Casa Torre Valencia! If the views are too much for you, you can always chill out in the round Mediterranean bath tub one floor down. And if you really need to get off the roof? Well the owner is tour guide and organizes biking tours through the city.

Text: Anneke de Bundel – Images: Nicole Franken

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About this apartment:

  • Situated on the Gran Via of Valencia
  • bedroom for 2 on the roof terrace 
  • Quiet & cool 
  • Shared kitche n& bathroom 
  • 50€ per night for 2 
  • 30€ per night for 1 
  • Reservation:
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